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What is a Coronavirus Business Strategy Session?

What is a Coronavirus Business Strategy Session?

You and your business are facing the worst crisis since the Great Depression and World War II. Here is the good news. The greatest number of millionaires were created during the Great Depression. All crises create opportunity and this crisis will be no different. What you do before, during and after the crisis and how you pivot will be the key to whether you go out of business, survive, or thrive. This article will outline all the steps needed before during and after.


Think of your business like a boat. If your boat has holes going into a terrible storm, what is the probability that it will survive vs. if it had no holes at all? We have some very high-end software called Profit Acceleration Software that will allow us find you a minimum of $10,000-$100,000 (depending on the size of the business) in lost revenue. By running your 2019 numbers, we will be able to see exactly if you had holes in your boat (business) before the storm. Once we see where the holes are, we can begin to patch those holes giving a much higher probably to surviving the storm.


As you are going through the storm, I can guarantee that you will get tossed, pitched, sea-sick; and, you will probably pray to God Almighty to get you through. Just as all storms end, this one will end too. What we do during this part of the strategy session is to determine what you need to do to continue to earn and or how to best manage your funds. We also discuss what your market dominating position is at present and how you will pivot based on the new world order. A market dominating position will allow you to ramp up faster and literally dominate your competition. Without it, you will only be able to compete on price, cutting your profits and accelerating the probability of closing your doors and losing the business. This is not a scare tactic. These are the facts of rebuilding fast.


Timing is everything in life and in business. The timing of when you deploy the correct message will be no different. During the strategy session you will be given an exact plan of what to do and when to execute your action steps. To rebuild quickly and crush your competition you must deploy your market dominating position as often as possible. We will discuss your marketing budget and discuss ways of deploying your message for free as well as utilizing your budget efficiently.

Fear and uncertainty are always replaced by a plan and executable action steps. This crisis will be no different. The upside to those who create a proper plan and execute the plan at the right time are going to gain a lot of market share and have a VERY bright future vs. those people that do not.

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The Coronavirus and Your Business

The Coronavirus and Your Business

Stop and breathe. Yes the Coronavirus is here and yes it will impact our way of life and business for the next ___days, ___weeks, ____ months. In the end, the probability that you and your business will be fine is extraordinarily high.


This article will look to help you regarding your health and to protect your wealth.

The Coronavirus is a VIRUS. As a virus it is fought by the body via your immune system. There are things that can be done to boost your immune system and common sense protection that I will outline for you in a few paragraphs.


First let’s talk about a virus. Let me use pizza as an example. Pizza is dough, cheese, and sauce. If you put sausage on it you have a sausage PIZZA. If you put pepperoni on it, you have a pepperoni PIZZA. My point is it is still PIZZA.


The same with a virus. If you call it Chicken Pox, it is the Chicken Pox VIRUS. If you call it the Flu, it is the Flu virus; if you call it the Coronavirus it is still a virus. My point is that the body will handle the virus no matter what name you call it by in the same way…your immune system.


Now let me be clear. People die from the Chicken Pox Virus, the Flu Virus, and the Corona Virus; here is the thing those people are typically immuno-suppressed or in poor health to begin with. This is why the probability of the great majority of you reading this now will be fine if you contract any virus. Don’t get me wrong. If you contract any virus you will not be happy, you will be sick, but IT WILL PASS.


Common Sense Things to Do Now to Prevent Getting Sick

1. Stay away from know sick people

2. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough


4. Stop fueling your body with crap that taxes your immune system-white sugar, white flour, salt, additives, drugs, alcohol

5. Practice stress reduction like meditation-stress taxes the immune system

6. DRINK WATER so your urine is like pale white wine and you are peeing like a race horse

7. See a Chiropractor and make sure there is no nerve interference especially at the T8-T10 levels (Neurological innervation to the spleen which is your immune system)

8. Exercise

9. If you are immuno-suppressed personally, I would not recommend being around a lot of people unless you had to

10. Know and understand this epidemic will pass and the great majority will not be impacted.

11. Check with your health care professional before using any supplements. Echinacea, Goldenseal, Elderberry, Turmeric, and protease are a few supplements and enzymes that help boost and strengthen the immune system



What Should You Do For Your Business?.

1. Know your industry. Some businesses will get a huge boost while other may be negatively impacted.

2. If you are a regular reader of this newsletter, you know that I ALWAYS HARP on the advice of BUILD AN EMERGENCY FUND equal to a minimum of twelve months of business and personal expenses. This is exactly why. If you are forced to shut down your bills will still come. An emergency fund covers that short-fall. If you do not have a fund start one immediately

3. You must think massive growth-if you get shut down you will need to have massive growth to compensate. If you don’t get shut down you will have continued steady growth (a win-win!)

​​​​​​​   a. Create a market dominating Position (Videos 2 and 3 in the Academy of Creative Marketing)

​​​​​​​   b. Use the conversion equation (Interrupt, Engage, Educate, Compelling Offer)

c. Create a follow-up campaign

d. Learn which medium is best (Social or TV? Print or Radio as examples)

e. Create effective drip campaigns


The last article I wrote on drip campaigns prompted about 462 emails all asking for a way to do good, quality marketing without breaking the bank. The Academy of Creative Marketing was created with that goal in mind.


For a limited time you can have COMPLETE DONE FOR YOU MARKETING FOR $79/MONTH. (Usually $197).


Click Here  and sign up and use the Academy for two weeks if you are not happy, email me and you will receive a full refund. Experience marketing that works and that won’t break the bank!


Every profession and industry is listed and has done for you marketing campaigns all ready to go. Chiropractic, Dentistry, cattle ranching, real estate, insurance, accounting and so many more are all there. Also included is a full social media package. Click here and stop spending thousands per month.


Folks, as my clients can attest, preparation is key. What would happen if you had an additional $20,000 or $150,000 sitting in an emergency fund right now? Would you be stressing as much? What would happen if you had an automatic lead generation system created prior to the Coronavirus? Preparation and accountability are always key which is why our clients excel in good economic times and bad; or in times of crisis or non-crisis. Don’t you deserve the same?


Lastly, if you can use an additional $10,000-$100,000, then click here and I will find it for you. I guarantee that I will find you that lost money in under 45 minutes or I will give you a free admission into the academy for an entire year.



More Businesses Will Fail in Your Industry or Profession Than Will Succeed. Here is What to Do So You Thrive

More Businesses Will Fail in Your Industry or Profession Than Will Succeed. Here is What to Do So You Thrive

More businesses will fail in your industry or profession than will succeed. This article will go over why the businesses that we work with will succeed, thrive and make their business owners wealthy.
If you have used a business consultant or coach in the past ask yourself if he or she went over these principals and strategies with you.
1. Business is about math PERIOD!
2. Repeat business is the key to success. Would you rather sell dogs or dog food? Would you rather sell razors or the blades?
3. Everyone is into funnels today. Why? Because they are sexy. This is why funnels don’t often work out as intended. Picture the formation of a funnel with five cliffs. The prospect either takes the next step and slides down the funnel where you make a sale; or THEY FALL OFF OF ONE OF THE FIVE CLIFFS. The bottom line is the majority of people in your funnel don’t just slide down because it is really a bunch of cliffs. Look at your conversion % and you will understand. We teach our clients how to navigate the cliffs so their conversions are statistically higher.
4. What business model are you following? Most people spend their time on the wrong side of the equation. Eg. Most in the health care space focus 85% of their efforts on marketing for new patients and 15% of their time on servicing the patient. Flip it around and spend 85% on service and 15% on Marketing (THE RIGHT PEOPLE) and watch what happens to the math referenced in #1 above…your bank account will grow!
5. Learn accounting and I will make it easy for you. Accounting is taking words like profit and expenses and turning those words into numbers. Finance is taking those numbers and creating new words. Proper business development which is what we do with our clients is taking those new words and turning them into new actions, activities and ultimately cash. for eg. Your accountant uses the word profit and tells you that your profits were $100,000 according to your P&L. I look at that $100,000 profit and make some new words. SHOW ME how much money is in your bank account. There is only $10,000 there. Then your profit of $100,000 is theory; the $10,000 cash is fact.
Next we take the new word cash in bank and turn it into new actions and activities. Eg. to get more cash in the bank we have to do xyz which will realize an additional $55,000 of the $100,000 reported theory profit. We then deploy the new actions and activities and when we measure the result all of a sudden there is $65,000 cash in the bank instead of $10,000. REMEMBER THIS… PROFIT IS THEORY CASH IS FACT. Most people will say but I re-invested it in my business. That theory is fine but why don’t you have a system to keep 50% in the bank and put 50% back into the business? Cash is king that is the only thing that you can pay your bills with. Most people do not have a system to take the profit and there lies the problem.
You now know why 99% of small businesses will fail and why you will not. Deploy the following and you will always be in the top 1% of your industry and profession:
1. Master the fundamentals
a. market dominating position to acquire superior leads
b. an ideal client
c. the creation of a compelling message in your marking
d. the creation of a sales process for leads, conversions, etc.
2. View everything from the shoes of the prospect-their view is probably very different from yours
3. Never be afraid to innovate
4. Learn to re-purpose your marketing materials
5. Systematize-this allows your business to scale
So did your consultants or coaches ever teach you the above. If they did STAY WITH THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE PURE GOLD! If they did not, find one who does.
I would love the opportunity to speak with you when you are ready and map out a plan for your growth. We have the strongest guarantees in the profession and we have price points for any and all businesses; from start ups to mature. We also have fifty different coaches that bring a myriad of skill-sets to the table so you do not have to navigate the scary waters of business alone and uninformed. Execute the suggestions above and feel what financial freedom is like.
This is Why You Want to Own Your Own Business Coaching Business

This is Why You Want to Own Your Own Business Coaching Business

John, age 56 has worked for the same insurance company for the past 30 years. He has been loyal. He has been a major producer and contributor to the growth of the company; as well as he was very well-liked.

In three weeks, John’s life got turned upside down. A new company bought his company and the next thing John knew he was out of a job. At age 56 he felt scared, alone, and under-qualified to compete in this new big-bad digital world.

Younger people who are looking to become a business coach have a great advantage…youth! They can have an amazing career that will allow them to travel, work from home and really enjoy life.

The great news for entrepreneurs who launch later in life is that they tend to succeed more often than younger people who start something new. Why? With age comes wisdom, experience, maturity and better outcomes.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when launching a business later in your career.

Choose a business that turns your age into an advantage. Warren Buffet is 89 years old and gets $1M per speech. He is nothing more than a consultant. His gray hair and experience are what people are buying. My point the grayer your hair, in a consulting position the wiser and smarter you are perceived to be.

Preserve your retirement savings. Your retirement savings are there for a reason…YOUR RETIREMENT. Refrain from using it as seed money. Instead look for low cost opportunities or look to a bank or credit union for financing.

Look to start a business that is recession-proof. Recessions will come and recessions will go. In a recession you will still need to buy toilet paper no matter how expensive it becomes. You will also need to buy gas and pay to heat and cool your home. Those are examples of recession-proof businesses. According to a Forbes article, within the next five years there will be 30,000,000 businesses born in the USA alone. What does that mean? There aren’t enough business coaches to handle the load. Businesses will need a business coach whether there is a recession or not. That is a good thing if you are a business coach.

Advantages of becoming a business coach and working on my team. We offer a full training program that will teach you how to get leads. How to get your lead to want to give you their hard-earned money; and, how to get that client tremendous results so they want to work with you, year after year.

You will work from home and make your own hours. You will get to save lives, change lives, save marriages and help your clients achieve tremendous financial security. As a result of the services that your provide your clients, you will earn $250,000 + in year one and depending on how hard and long you want to work, you could earn  seven-figures or better. (Yes, you read that correctly seven-figures or better).

You will be creating your own BUSINESS which means that you can sell your business for 2x, 3x or 4x in the future. Contrast that to John the insurance salesman who worked for 30 years in a good job but has nothing to sell.

Be wary of scams and too good to be true promises. That last paragraph has scam written all over it doesn’t it? Work from home, earn oodles and oodles of money…BE WARY OF SCAMS!

This opportunity, while being for only 1% of the population is the furthest thing from a scam but I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to prove that it is not for yourself. If you are serious then please watch the webinar in full (50 min). You can register by clicking . As you watch it ask yourself is what I am presenting viable? If it is then ask yourself would you execute what I am showing you? Then ask yourself do you really want to become a business coach?

If the answer to all three is yes, then click the link after the webinar to schedule a time to speak and to trigger a due diligence package.

When you get the due diligence package (check inbox and spam) now is the time to evaluate if this is a scam or if it is legitimate. Remember there are lots of scams out there so if you are serious please do the due diligence work as will be outlined in the due diligence package.

Like any business there is an investment. This opportunity is a bit special because I put up the investment for you and you pay me back. As you watch the webinar forget money. If you are right for this team you can begin training for as little as $300. The first thing is to decide of you want to become a business coach, if you will do the work to build your business and that this opportunity is legitimate. Once all those boxes are checked the money part is easy to work out.

Here is the link to watch the webinar

When you click put your name and email in the box and go to pull down menu and either watch yesterday’s webinar now or schedule for a future time.

What will your life look and feel like when you are working from home, helping people, learning a ton of new and exciting information and are earning more money than you can imagine?

To Your Success,






Are You Aiding & Abetting E-Myths?

Are You Aiding & Abetting E-Myths?

We are going to embark upon a journey through the world of e-myths and debunk them to help you avoid falling into the e-myth trap.

First, let’s take a minute to talk about what an e-myth is. An entrepreneurial myth, or e-myth, is an assumption that anyone can succeed at business with:

  • Desire
  • Some capital
  • Projected a targeted profit


This sounds great, but it just not realistic. Think of starting a business as a marathon. Sure, everyone starts out of the gate at record pace, but after a few miles people start slowing and some drop out entirely. Building a successful business takes stamina and agility.

The reality is that there are many different facets to a successful business and none of them can be ignored if you plan to find success.

Let’s take a minute to talk about entrepreneurial seizure. This defines the roller coaster of emotions that comes with starting, nurturing and the potential failure of a business.

The emotions that occur, in order, are:

  • Exhilaration
  • Exhaustion
  • Despair
  • Sense of self-loss


This is usually cause by the e-myths and assumptions we talked about. You can get your hopes so high on instant success that even the smallest lag and you are sent into an emotional tailspin. This is also brought on by the stark realization that you can’t do it all and will need help in the areas where you don’t have the knowledge. Now, faced with limited choices you may feel like you need to back out and hide, but don’t do this.

Use our FREE test drive to get the business coaching you need to avoid feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

Your Vendors Can Make or Break You. How well Do You Know Them?

Your Vendors Can Make or Break You. How well Do You Know Them?

It’s extremely important to build relationships with your vendors and those around you can bring in new customers/clients and increase awareness of your company branding.

The people you work directly with on your products and services are really the ones with the most to gain when you find success. By taking the time to get to know them, you’ll find a whole host of opportunities you didn’t realize were there.

Look for great ways to offer your vendors rewards for helping grow your business and everyone wins. One of ways you can do this is by offering performance based incentives that are much larger than their normal charges.

Here’s the step-by-step process to putting together a partnership with a vendor:

  1. Approach all the vendors you work with and offer an incentive based on performance.
  2. Put the generous incentive plan together from their perspective, even take suggestions.
  3. Develop a clear, concise and easy to track incentive plan, this will increase competition between vendors and therefore higher performance levels.
  4. Encourage subsequent sales instead of focusing only on the initial sale. By doing this you can give away more of the profit from the initial sale to your vendors and make higher profits off the back end products. Encourage:
  • Future sales
  • Upsell better and more profitable products/services
  • Cross-sell to additional products


  1. Create an incentive plan that’s irresistible to your vendors by offering generous, exclusive compensation.

Think of all the vendors you work with and the creative ways you can put together an incentive plan that entices them to be part of your business. Use their talents, capabilities and connections and you’ll both be winners.

Putting together an incentive plan doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Use our FREE test drive to come up with some great ideas and put your incentive plan together for maximum results.

Telemarketing is NOT the Anti-Christ

Telemarketing is NOT the Anti-Christ

Today you’ll learn how to use direct mail marketing and, yes, telemarketing to your full advantage. I know, the word “telemarketing” might as well be four letters, but there is a way to help customers feel like they are getting personal attention and keep them from blocking your number!

With the success direct mail marketing has had and the availability of computers, these can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your success. Telemarketing is best for high priced, high margin products/services.

Here are the key steps to putting together a highly effective direct mail marketing program:

  1. List all benefits customers will get from the purchase of your products and services.
  2. Pick the single most powerful benefit out of that list.
  3. Build an attention-getting headline around that benefit. Remember to use emotion-fulfill the desire to be young, wealthy, desired, popular or successful.
  4. Develop a sales letter using the headline you created to grab attention, provide information and motivate customers to act.
  5. Put together supplementary items, such as a brochure, order form, reply envelope or note that encourages them to read the letter.
  6. Rent or purchase a mailing list.
  7. Compare cost of mailing vs. cost per order.
  8. Continue to test and refine your direct mail marketing plan.

You can see how direct mail marketing can help you find a local or even country-wide target market to send letters or postcards to and draw in new clientele and customers. Fine-tuning your marketing campaign will bring better results and therefore lower the overall  cost of the campaign.

To be successful in telemarketing you need to:

  • Put together a plan, so you know exactly what you want to accomplish during the call.
  • Develop a list of topics to discuss and the questions you want to present around these topics.
  • Input verbiage checking to see if you are calling at a good time.
  • Include enough questions to keep the conversation interesting, but not too many to sound like you are interrogating.
  • Start with broad questions and narrow your focus as the conversation continues.
  • Offer feedback to show them you are paying attention and appreciate their time.
  • Don’t insult their intelligence or manipulate them.
  • Listen first, talk second.
  • Be relaxed and conversational.

Telemarketing doesn’t have to be the trauma it’s made out to be. You can put together an honest, personal and effective telemarketing campaign that is endearing, informative and gets the job done. Think of how you would want to be treated on a marketing call. Ask your friends and family what they hate most about the telemarketing calls they get and work hard to craft your plan in a better way.

When selling by telephone, you have approximately thirty seconds to convince the customer to listen to you. You need an opening statement that captures their attention, conveys who you are, what you want and why the prospect should listen.” Jay Abraham

It’s easy to see how direct mail marketing and telemarketing can positively affect your business by bringing in new customers and increasing the level of awareness about your products, services and company branding. Our FREE test drive offers the resources and tools you need to work through these processes and put together the best marketing plan you can.

Expand the Life of Your Business

Expand the Life of Your Business

Today I’m going to talk about the life cycle of a business and how to get the most out of each cycle while also extended the lifespan of your business.

The four different stages of a business life cycle are:

  • Infancy
  • Adolescence
  • Growing Pains
  • Maturity

We’ll talk a little about what each of these cycle’s means and how they can each help expand your business’ lifespan.


This is generally consider the technician’s phase, which is the owner. At this point, the relationship between the business and the owner is that of a parent and new baby. There is an impenetrable bond that is necessary to determine the path your business will follow.

The key is to know your business must grow in order to flourish. You cannot stage in this stage forever.


In this stage you need to start bringing your support staff together to delegate to and allow growth to happen. The first line of defense is your technical person as they need to bring a certain level of technical experience. This cycle really belongs to the manager though. The plan stage needs to start and a relationship should be built with the entrepreneur to plan for the future.

Growing Pains

There’s a point in every business when business explodes and becomes chaotic. This is referred to as growing pains. It’s a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. You are often faced with a number of choices:

  • Avoid growth and stay small
  • Go broke
  • Push forward into the next cycle


The last cycle is maturity, though this doesn’t mean the end of your business. Your passion for growth must continue in order for your business to succeed. You need to keep an entrepreneurial perspective in order to push your business forward.

You see how all three of these cycles are connected and depend on a strong foundation for each one of them for your business to be and continue to be successful. All three of your key roles must also work together to work through these cycles.

If you’re having trouble putting together your business life cycles and figuring out which of the key roles you fit into, try our FREE test drive and work with one of our amazing coaches.

Kick Start Your Marketing

Today I’d like to teach you about the three most important start up marketing tools you need to get and keep new customers.

  1. In person: It’s essential you meet with customers/clients in person whenever possible. This shows you respect them and take the time to work with your clients to give personal attention to each of them.
  2. Follow up letter: Always take a moment to send a follow up letter about what you talked about, new agreements or partnerships made and to thank them for taking the time to meet with you. Likewise, you should always send thank you letters or small gifts to partners you find success with.
  3. Phone call: Use a telephone call to follow up with them to talk again about the matters you talked about in your meeting and offer any assistance you can to help their business run smoothly and more successfully.

None of these will work if you don’t have a quality product/service to back you up!

Here are the key steps for putting together your start-up marketing tools:

  1. Research potential customers, buyers, competitors and their preferred methods of distribution.
  2. Talk to potential customers. Take a hard look at your product from a customer’s perspective and see what it needs to be successful.
  3. Follow up with your 3-step process from above.
  4. Develop systems for contact follow through, quality control standards and customer service.
  5. Develop post-sale follow up system to keep lines of communication open is customers and build on your current relationship which increases future purchases.

“Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs” Peter Drucker, management consultant

Here’s another one I love from an icon:

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.” Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

This lesson has offered you the tools to put together a start-up marketing plan that can be used over and over again to help your customer base and business grow in a manageable way.

Stop Wasting Your Resources!

Today you’re going to learn how to find a target market of potential customers so you aren’t wasting precious resources on blitz marketing. So, the two questions you have to ask yourself are:
  • What do people really want to buy from me?
  • What related products are they already buying?
Once you figure this out you will know who is more predisposed to purchase your products/services. Then, you find other businesses with the same customer base who you can customer share with. Come up with an incentive and great arrangement to encourage both of your customer bases to shop at both of your stores. The basic concept is this: You want to find existing businesses who have the customer profile that you are looking for to market your products/services to. Then strike up a relationship with those business owners to work out an incentive for customers to purchase from both businesses. As a result, you have an audience to market to and they generate an added value from their current base. So, how do you figure this out? There is a great formula from Jay Abraham you can follow with great success. LV = (P x F) x N – MC Here’s what it all means:
  • LV is the life time value of a customer
  • P is the average profit margin from each sale
  • F is the number of times a customer buys each year
  • N is the number of years customers stay with you
  • MC is the marketing cost per customer (total costs/number of customers)
Once you know how much you need to spend to attract a new customer, you will know how much of an incentive you can offer to a business to help attract new customers. So, here’s your step-by-step process:
  1. Find companies who already have the customer base you are looking for.
  2. Negotiate an incentive for them to share that customer base with you.
  3. Focus your marketing resources to this group of predisposed customers.
If you need help working through this process, please contact us and we’ll set you up with the most comprehensive system of marketing tools and resources.