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What is a Coronavirus Business Strategy Session?

What is a Coronavirus Business Strategy Session?

You and your business are facing the worst crisis since the Great Depression and World War II. Here is the good news. The greatest number of millionaires were created during the Great Depression. All crises create opportunity and this crisis will be no different. What you do before, during and after the crisis and how you pivot will be the key to whether you go out of business, survive, or thrive. This article will outline all the steps needed before during and after.


Think of your business like a boat. If your boat has holes going into a terrible storm, what is the probability that it will survive vs. if it had no holes at all? We have some very high-end software called Profit Acceleration Software that will allow us find you a minimum of $10,000-$100,000 (depending on the size of the business) in lost revenue. By running your 2019 numbers, we will be able to see exactly if you had holes in your boat (business) before the storm. Once we see where the holes are, we can begin to patch those holes giving a much higher probably to surviving the storm.


As you are going through the storm, I can guarantee that you will get tossed, pitched, sea-sick; and, you will probably pray to God Almighty to get you through. Just as all storms end, this one will end too. What we do during this part of the strategy session is to determine what you need to do to continue to earn and or how to best manage your funds. We also discuss what your market dominating position is at present and how you will pivot based on the new world order. A market dominating position will allow you to ramp up faster and literally dominate your competition. Without it, you will only be able to compete on price, cutting your profits and accelerating the probability of closing your doors and losing the business. This is not a scare tactic. These are the facts of rebuilding fast.


Timing is everything in life and in business. The timing of when you deploy the correct message will be no different. During the strategy session you will be given an exact plan of what to do and when to execute your action steps. To rebuild quickly and crush your competition you must deploy your market dominating position as often as possible. We will discuss your marketing budget and discuss ways of deploying your message for free as well as utilizing your budget efficiently.

Fear and uncertainty are always replaced by a plan and executable action steps. This crisis will be no different. The upside to those who create a proper plan and execute the plan at the right time are going to gain a lot of market share and have a VERY bright future vs. those people that do not.

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