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This is Why You Want to Own Your Own Business Coaching Business

This is Why You Want to Own Your Own Business Coaching Business

John, age 56 has worked for the same insurance company for the past 30 years. He has been loyal. He has been a major producer and contributor to the growth of the company; as well as he was very well-liked.

In three weeks, John’s life got turned upside down. A new company bought his company and the next thing John knew he was out of a job. At age 56 he felt scared, alone, and under-qualified to compete in this new big-bad digital world.

Younger people who are looking to become a business coach have a great advantage…youth! They can have an amazing career that will allow them to travel, work from home and really enjoy life.

The great news for entrepreneurs who launch later in life is that they tend to succeed more often than younger people who start something new. Why? With age comes wisdom, experience, maturity and better outcomes.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when launching a business later in your career.

Choose a business that turns your age into an advantage. Warren Buffet is 89 years old and gets $1M per speech. He is nothing more than a consultant. His gray hair and experience are what people are buying. My point the grayer your hair, in a consulting position the wiser and smarter you are perceived to be.

Preserve your retirement savings. Your retirement savings are there for a reason…YOUR RETIREMENT. Refrain from using it as seed money. Instead look for low cost opportunities or look to a bank or credit union for financing.

Look to start a business that is recession-proof. Recessions will come and recessions will go. In a recession you will still need to buy toilet paper no matter how expensive it becomes. You will also need to buy gas and pay to heat and cool your home. Those are examples of recession-proof businesses. According to a Forbes article, within the next five years there will be 30,000,000 businesses born in the USA alone. What does that mean? There aren’t enough business coaches to handle the load. Businesses will need a business coach whether there is a recession or not. That is a good thing if you are a business coach.

Advantages of becoming a business coach and working on my team. We offer a full training program that will teach you how to get leads. How to get your lead to want to give you their hard-earned money; and, how to get that client tremendous results so they want to work with you, year after year.

You will work from home and make your own hours. You will get to save lives, change lives, save marriages and help your clients achieve tremendous financial security. As a result of the services that your provide your clients, you will earn $250,000 + in year one and depending on how hard and long you want to work, you could earn  seven-figures or better. (Yes, you read that correctly seven-figures or better).

You will be creating your own BUSINESS which means that you can sell your business for 2x, 3x or 4x in the future. Contrast that to John the insurance salesman who worked for 30 years in a good job but has nothing to sell.

Be wary of scams and too good to be true promises. That last paragraph has scam written all over it doesn’t it? Work from home, earn oodles and oodles of money…BE WARY OF SCAMS!

This opportunity, while being for only 1% of the population is the furthest thing from a scam but I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to prove that it is not for yourself. If you are serious then please watch the webinar in full (50 min). You can register by clicking https://joinnow.live/s/thO0YP . As you watch it ask yourself is what I am presenting viable? If it is then ask yourself would you execute what I am showing you? Then ask yourself do you really want to become a business coach?

If the answer to all three is yes, then click the link after the webinar to schedule a time to speak and to trigger a due diligence package.

When you get the due diligence package (check inbox and spam) now is the time to evaluate if this is a scam or if it is legitimate. Remember there are lots of scams out there so if you are serious please do the due diligence work as will be outlined in the due diligence package.

Like any business there is an investment. This opportunity is a bit special because I put up the investment for you and you pay me back. As you watch the webinar forget money. If you are right for this team you can begin training for as little as $300. The first thing is to decide of you want to become a business coach, if you will do the work to build your business and that this opportunity is legitimate. Once all those boxes are checked the money part is easy to work out.

Here is the link to watch the webinar https://joinnow.live/s/thO0YP

When you click put your name and email in the box and go to pull down menu and either watch yesterday’s webinar now or schedule for a future time.

What will your life look and feel like when you are working from home, helping people, learning a ton of new and exciting information and are earning more money than you can imagine?

To Your Success,