You Must Have A plan

What is a Coronavirus Business Strategy Session?

You and your business are facing the worst crisis since the Great Depression and World War II. Here is the good news. The greatest number of millionaires were created during the Great Depression. All crises create opportunity and this crisis will be no different. What you do before, during and after the crisis and how you pivot will be the key to whether you go out of business, survive, or thrive. This article will outline all the steps needed before during and after. STEP ONE OF THE STRATEGY SESSION Think of your business like a boat. If your boat has

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Corona Virus

The Coronavirus and Your Business

Stop and breathe. Yes the Coronavirus is here and yes it will impact our way of life and business for the next ___days, ___weeks, ____ months. In the end, the probability that you and your business will be fine is extraordinarily high.   This article will look to help you regarding your health and to protect your wealth. The Coronavirus is a VIRUS. As a virus it is fought by the body via your immune system. There are things that can be done to boost your immune system and common sense protection that I will outline for you in a few

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How To Create A Revenue-Producing Drip Campaign

The theory of using a drip campaign in your marketing efforts is not new. What is a developing trend, however, is the level of complexity that sophisticated marketers are using in these types of programs today. A drip campaign describes an email and/or direct mail program that automatically delivers emails, letters, brochures or postcards to customers or prospects on a predetermined and scheduled basis, basically a steady “drip.” In the past, these events would continue though their pre-programmed linear series of deployments until reaching the end of the cycle. Perhaps this process of treating your prospects like lemmings (all behaving

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More Businesses Will Fail in Your Industry or Profession Than Will Succeed. Here is What to Do So You Thrive

More businesses will fail in your industry or profession than will succeed. This article will go over why the businesses that we work with will succeed, thrive and make their business owners wealthy. If you have used a business consultant or coach in the past ask yourself if he or she went over these principals and strategies with you. 1. Business is about math PERIOD! 2. Repeat business is the key to success. Would you rather sell dogs or dog food? Would you rather sell razors or the blades? 3. Everyone is into funnels today. Why? Because they are sexy.

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Looking for business coaches

This is Why You Want to Own Your Own Business Coaching Business

John, age 56 has worked for the same insurance company for the past 30 years. He has been loyal. He has been a major producer and contributor to the growth of the company; as well as he was very well-liked. In three weeks, John’s life got turned upside down. A new company bought his company and the next thing John knew he was out of a job. At age 56 he felt scared, alone, and under-qualified to compete in this new big-bad digital world. Younger people who are looking to become a business coach have a great advantage…youth! They can

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